Labor rights flyer in several languages

Migrant workers, especially in agriculture, are still affected by serious labor law violations, wage dumping and, in some cases, mafia-like violence. In many cases, their brutal exploitation is what makes today’s agricultural industry possible in the first place, but the often labor-intensive organic companies are also heavily involved. In line with the current seasonal labor report, we are now offering flyers with some of the most important labor rights in various languages.

Next steps from initiative to industry trade union

Since the first steps 2022, the number of IGG members has more than doubled. With our initial presence in trade associations, protests and conferences, we were fortunately able to gain many experienced colleagues and thus expertise and different perspectives. At the same time, the complex debates surrounding the farmers’ protests also showed us how important it is to develop a joint analysis and strategy for the IGG in order to be effective in labor disputes and social movements. We have therefore set ourselves this task for 2024.

At the same time, we are working on building regional and sub-sector groups, our multilingualism and our presence in other networks. We invite all interested colleagues to join us on our journey and play an active role in shaping the IGG.